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Facebook Likes – Reaching the First Milestone

Reaching 100 Facebook Likes

Facebook milestones are totally reachable. Here we set out a plan and a timeline for achieving the first “facebook like milestone,” getting 100 likes.

Just like anything else it’s all in how you frame it. We at TCC choose to frame it like a game.

Play the Game of Getting More Likes

Winning any game involves goals, tactics and observation. First let’s name our game. Let’s call it “Thumbs Up 100.”

“Have you been playing Thumbs UP lately? I got twenty likes this week so I’m at level 2. When I get 30 I’ll level up!”

Now that we have a name for our game let’s establish some of our goals.

Goals for More Facebook Likes

We have already established our overall objective. Our overall objective is to achieve the first company page milestone by getting 100 facebook likes.

Within that overall objective their are smaller, secondary objectives all of which tie back to the primary goal.

Examples of Goals

  • get 5 new page likes every week
  • invite 20 friends to like your page every day, six days a week
  • keep engagement growing for four weeks straight
  • share content from your company page on your personal page twice a day, five days a week

Now that we have set some goals we need to define some tactics set upon achieving said goals.

Tactics for Getting More Likes

“Tactics” may sound like a sneaky word to some people. We just think back to Final Fantasy Tactics. During this game, everyone has a role and the character strengths and weaknesses are based upon that role.

Every post on a page plays a role. These roles are defined. Let’s go back to the game of Thumbs UP 100.

“My snippet character got a reach of 47 today but my blog character only got a reach of 14. Dang. Oh, look! My image character got a reach of 83!”

Above we have created some fictional characters associated with facebook posts. Here we define them:

snippet character– a small text post, usually three to five words

blog character– a post you have shared from a blog by clicking on the facebook share button associated with the post or by copying and pasting the blog url onto your page

image character– a new photo

Any and all of these character types will be excellent tools for leveling up your page!

Tying this in back to the beginning, each of these post types are tactics for reaching your secondary goals all of which link to the primary goal of getting 100 facebook likes.

facebook likesAfter setting some goals and establishing some tactics set up a timeline as to how long your are going to continue the tactics. An ideal scenario would be to release posts at certain times throughout the day. This will make your page analytics easier to follow in the beginning, which brings us to our next point.

Observing the Page Behavior

Certain posts (character types: snippet, blog, image, etc.) will get more engagement than others but this does not mean one type of post is better than the other, not yet.

Try releasing the post types at specific times for three weeks. Next, release different types of posts at those same specific times for another three weeks. Finally, change it up one more time by releasing yet another set of type posts during those same specific times for another three weeks.

This gives you nine weeks of data to interpret. See which posts have the most reach and engagement during which times. Finally, adjust the method/times of releasing posts accordingly to optimize audience engagement.

“My page is at level 9. That’s 90 likes! Only 10 more likes to go until I reach my overall objective. Then I guess it’s time to reach for the next big milestone.”

Keep in mind. If you are just starting a page you will not have that much engagement to interpret but if you set a timeline of achieving 100 likes within the first three months and continue observing the page behavior and making the necessary adjustments you will be well on your way to leveling up your page and getting even more facebook likes!