Don’t Wreck! – Increase Web Traffic With Purpose

You want to increase web traffic. We know.

However, did you know that increasing your web traffic without purpose could actually prove harmful for your site?

Why would you head down a tunnel if you had no idea where it ended? If that gets your attention, read more.

Increase Web Traffic With Specific Goals

Recently, some new, potential clients approached us at Taylor Content Creation and the following exchanges ensued:

Hey, I am planning on launching a new site and re-launching an old site that has been dead for some time. I was wondering what Taylor Content Creation could do to drive more traffic to my site. -potential client

In order for your site to get the most out of your site, you want to attract traffic within a specific set of boundaries prior to branching out. Otherwise said, slow growth with traffic is the best kind. Creating a rich, organic embedding of keyword phrases and overall great content is the only way to do this. There is no get-traffic-quick-scheme that is going to benefit you long term.

Taylor Content Creation uses two main methods for increasing web traffic that include but are not limited to SEO writing and web presence optimization. -taylor content creation

Determining which method is right for your company is easy, as it should involve a combination of both.

The Right Way to Increase Web Traffic

Why should a bunch of people that have no interest in your site whatsoever be finding it online? They should not.

You want to attract online traffic that is interested in your content, product or service. If you are getting a bunch of hits on your site and everyone leaves your site right away that is no good. It increases your bounce rate, affects the overall rank of your site and ultimately wastes people’s time.

I need 100+ clicks in order to make monetizing my site worth while CPC wise. As you can see from the attached screen cap of my current viewer ship I has a nice ‘pop’ in traffic however it quickly fell -potential client.

The right way to obtain web traffic is to first attract the customers in your geographic region by creating a rich source of keyword target phrases that are organically embedded in quality content. After developing a good local audience, start competing for greater reach through rich backlinks, online reviews, social media interactions and forums that assist in creating a more impactful web presence.

The Wrong Way to Increase Web Traffic

Creating duplicate content, stealing from other sites and generating false, low-quality backlinks are sure ways to get traffic to your website… the wrong kind of traffic. Will you get more people to discover your website? Yes. Will they stay and likely return? No. Rather than making a choice that will help you short term but hurt you long term make the correct, long-term investment when considering the life of your website.

increase web trafficSpeaking of investments, Google and Facebook ads are definite winners for some. If you choose to purchase ads be prepared to spend a lot of money for which you will see little return unless you consistently spends lots of dough. These campaigns are costly because you are competing with other businesses also buying ad space. Plus, you must keep these campaigns consistent and ongoing which means your expense will be high (if you want the best visibility) and ongoing.

Is that what you want?

Increase Your Web Traffic With Us

In this case, slow and steady wins the race. Hire a Taylor from Taylor Content Creation and get your site out of the lost tunnels of online garbage. Break through to the better side of web traffic.



Evernote – Keeping Up With Passwords and More

Keeping up with passwords can be a pain. In fact, keeping up with all those random notes and thoughts can also be a pain. We use Evernote cause these days making an easy password is no good; make a difficult password and keep up with it!

Evernote, Keeping Up With Passwords and Stuff

Most people need help keeping up with stuff, albeit the Jones or what have you.

This is a great application and guess what? it’s free. So rather than reading this article at length you could just go download it and learn by doing. However, if you want some tips to make the most of your Evernote experience then read away.

Tips for Using Evernote

While this application is free and great if you do not know how to use it right away you might not get the most out of it. We recommend three simple tips for making the most of Evernote. Trust these and you will never be victim to having lost your passwords again.

1) Organize Your Thoughts Into Notebooks

You know how back in high school and or college you kept specific folders or specific notebooks for certain courses? Well, this is kind of like that. Make a notebook in Evernote for specified topics.

“Oh I get it. I can make a notebook for “‘keeping up with passwords.'”

You sure can. Not only that but you can organize notebooks within notebooks (kind of like sub-folders).

2) Tag Your Thoughts

Now one of the simplest ways to find a thought, a password or some other note is to tag it.

Remember old tag words for Google. Those are useless now. These are not. Regardless of which notebook contains the note you are looking for tags make it easier to find.

For instance, consider having an account for a while. Three months pass and you have around 25 notebooks. You are looking for a certain note and cannot remember which notebook contains it.

“Where did I put that stuff. Oh, why didn’t I organize these notes better?”

evernoteTagging your notes will avoid this dilemma. Simply add a relative tag to your note and as soon as you sign in to your account you have the options to search for all notes with that specific tag. So if you have a note somewhere containing all your rarely needed passwords you could tag that note “passwords,” and such a search would take you directly to it. No fuss, no muss. Whatever muss means. Remember, do not make easy passwords; make difficult passwords and then keep up with them.

Keeping up with passwords will be a thing of the past; just tag it.

3) Create A Backup or Go Pro

Rather be safe than sorry right? Evernote is great for keeping things organized and readily accessible online. However, if you do not have a data connection it could leave you without your much needed notes. Just create a backup of important notes on your phone or hard drive or if you are truly ready to invest, go pro.

The pro-version of this free app allows for you to work offline, search for text within pdfs, etc. and (do not quote us) but we believe it may also allow for accessing earlier versions of the same notes. This way, if you make changes and want to revert back to earlier versions the option is yours.

However, the free version is great… and free.

Final Words on Keeping Up With Passwords and Evernote

Evernote is great for keeping up with passwords, business cards, figures and all your stuff. Do it so you don’t lose it and if you need help keeping up with your online content, hire a Taylor for all your website and social media content creation needs.

Using Yoast – Make Your SEO Measure Up

Using Yoast Is A Cinch

Read this if you want to know why using Yoast is sure way to make your SEO start to measure up against the competition.

If you want readers, buyers, investors etc. to find you online you have to have some kind of SEO and using Yoast will give you a headstart… even if you have no idea what in the world you are doing.

What is SEO?

First of all, why would you read anything about SEO if you have no idea what it is? Now keep reading.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. If your pages and or posts are optimized it means they have a better chance of ranking high for a relevant search query. For instance, consider the following person talking to themselves.

Hmmm, I need to find the best place around that delivers good Thai food. I’m gonna search for “good thai food.”

This guy types “good thai food” in the Bing search bar. A new page comes up giving him his search queries. There is a couple of ads at the top of the page and then all the organic search results. If your page or post was optimized by using Yoast your page/post would stand a better chance to rank on page 1 of this query. Make sense?

Why is using Yoast a good thing.

Well, it’s free. So, there’s that.

Also, it’s laid out in a very simple fashion to give you access to lots of bells and whistles necessary for maintaining good SEO. Take a look at some of the favorites:

  1. Quick Webmaster Tools Verification – uggggghhhh, verifying Google, Bing or any of these things can get very annoying. the one step and you’re done process is very much enjoyed
  2. Controlling the Meta – Titles and Meta data are highly critical for rank returns, they just might be the most important for your posts… they are… so using Yoast helps you control them in a way that will save time and thought
  3. Social Media – Yes, this is standard, using Yoast allows you to push posts automaticall to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts… if it didn’t that would be a bad thing
  4. Site Maps – Don’t know what a site map is? Don’t worry, you don’t need to, Yoast handles that detail… actually it’s a big detail for search engines

Just look at those four things. You know what rhymes with four? More, yes, Yoast gives you a lot more options for control and optimization.

Just be warned, if you do not know what a certain category of control is for then just leave it alone pretty please.

Why is using Yoast a bad thing?

It isn’t. So go use it.

Yes, we have said it before for keyword density and we will say it again using Yoast is free and proves an awesome option for helping eliminate the fuss of verifying webmaster accounts, counting on generic meta data, syncing social media and setting up site-maps. Whew, that was a lot of alliteration for just one small sentence. Nonetheless, it is all true.

Last words on using Yoast… use Yoast to get the most. It’s easy, free and a great way to make sure you measure up.

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