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Don’t Wreck! – Increase Web Traffic With Purpose

You want to increase web traffic. We know.

However, did you know that increasing your web traffic without purpose could actually prove harmful for your site?

Why would you head down a tunnel if you had no idea where it ended? If that gets your attention, read more.

Increase Web Traffic With Specific Goals

Recently, some new, potential clients approached us at Taylor Content Creation and the following exchanges ensued:

Hey, I am planning on launching a new site and re-launching an old site that has been dead for some time. I was wondering what Taylor Content Creation could do to drive more traffic to my site. -potential client

In order for your site to get the most out of your site, you want to attract traffic within a specific set of boundaries prior to branching out. Otherwise said, slow growth with traffic is the best kind. Creating a rich, organic embedding of keyword phrases and overall great content is the only way to do this. There is no get-traffic-quick-scheme that is going to benefit you long term.

Taylor Content Creation uses two main methods for increasing web traffic that include but are not limited to SEO writing and web presence optimization. -taylor content creation

Determining which method is right for your company is easy, as it should involve a combination of both.

The Right Way to Increase Web Traffic

Why should a bunch of people that have no interest in your site whatsoever be finding it online? They should not.

You want to attract online traffic that is interested in your content, product or service. If you are getting a bunch of hits on your site and everyone leaves your site right away that is no good. It increases your bounce rate, affects the overall rank of your site and ultimately wastes people’s time.

I need 100+ clicks in order to make monetizing my site worth while CPC wise. As you can see from the attached screen cap of my current viewer ship I has a nice ‘pop’ in traffic however it quickly fell -potential client.

The right way to obtain web traffic is to first attract the customers in your geographic region by creating a rich source of keyword target phrases that are organically embedded in quality content. After developing a good local audience, start competing for greater reach through rich backlinks, online reviews, social media interactions and forums that assist in creating a more impactful web presence.

The Wrong Way to Increase Web Traffic

Creating duplicate content, stealing from other sites and generating false, low-quality backlinks are sure ways to get traffic to your website… the wrong kind of traffic. Will you get more people to discover your website? Yes. Will they stay and likely return? No. Rather than making a choice that will help you short term but hurt you long term make the correct, long-term investment when considering the life of your website.

increase web trafficSpeaking of investments, Google and Facebook ads are definite winners for some. If you choose to purchase ads be prepared to spend a lot of money for which you will see little return unless you consistently spends lots of dough. These campaigns are costly because you are competing with other businesses also buying ad space. Plus, you must keep these campaigns consistent and ongoing which means your expense will be high (if you want the best visibility) and ongoing.

Is that what you want?

Increase Your Web Traffic With Us

In this case, slow and steady wins the race. Hire a Taylor from Taylor Content Creation and get your site out of the lost tunnels of online garbage. Break through to the better side of web traffic.



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