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Inundated with Data – Can One Person Market My Business?

To Market My Company I Start with What I Got… Me

However, we are not talking about me we are talking about you so the answer to “can one person market my business,” is summed up in a bold statement.

Short answer yes, one person can market your business. Long answer yes. However, to both, that person should probably not be you. Think about it.

There are many reasons as to why someone other than you (the owner, founder, etc.) should be marketing your company. Consider three questions.

1) If you are running your business do you think you have time to market it?

If an owner is the type to continually micromanage when they have a team at their disposal their own performance duties undoubtably suffers.

market my businessWhere small business is concerned the owner is fulfilling the majority of the high level responsibilities such as managing the store front, payroll, employees, etc. When an owner tries to stretch themselves to thin to manage the content for the website, webstore, facebook, twitter and who knows what other spectrum of social media, quality suffers across the board. Is it worth it just to save a dollar?

Delegation is a responsibility of any leader. Assess skill sets of team members (pre and post hiring) and optimize them in their roles. “Hmmm, maybe Teresa can market my business.” In other words, play their strengths.

Teresa, I had a glance at your Instagram page for your artwork. It looks very good. How did you get so many followers? Better yet, do you think you can set aside a few hours a week to manage the company Intagram page?

However, with a small business you may not have the payroll to afford full time associates with the specialized skill sets (such as SEO) necessary to accomplish your marketing goals.

See about outsourcing the job to a Taylor with TCC. ^_^

2) What if you are blind to the fact that something simply is not working?

Proud owners can be a danger to their own success.

For example, if you are a restaurant owner who continues to rely on good reviews from twelve years ago to sum up your business you might just find yourself on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey.

Hiring an outside eye from TCC to review the current situation offers a fresh, non-bias opinion with sound advice on how to proceed with an online marketing plan.

3) Don’t you have something better to do?

While many ambitious entrepreneurs may answer “No, there is nothing more important than getting my brand off the ground,” the time commitment towards the marketing process may take away the energy you need to secure those future leads or land that next account.

No point in hiring this Taylor or TCC person to do this stuff when I will get around to it myself eventually and save on the cost of outsourcing to market my company.

In fact, you may be costing yourself valuable dollars. If we break the numbers down into black and white, hiring a content manager who can do the work faster and more efficiently not only improves the quality of the marketing content but frees you up to make more money for your company… or take a much needed day off.

After all, even if you manage the time to create everything to effectively market your company or brand you would never have the time on your own to analyze just how effective it all proved.

So, stop being inundated with all the data surrounding your marketing materials, website analytics and social media. Give TCC a shout and say “Market my business!

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