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What Do We Do? – Create Creative Content

Why Create Creative Content?

Create creative content because it is what your customers will read!

Content for brands can be all consuming. When a small company is bogged down with managing a webstore, a blog and posts across social media accounts quality can suffer.

“Gosh, I can’t stand having to keep up with both the facebook page and the twitter page. I just don’t see the point in all this anyway. We’re never gonna have enough likes or followers to make an impact.”

Our services offer the solution to improving quality while maintaining or increasing quantity of content for websites, blogs and social media accounts.

Content for Websites

Every word counts. Every image counts. Everything counts… and if it’s creative content people stand a better chance to actually read part of it.

Each page of your website and all of its contents is an opportunity to embed keywords relevant to your product or service. 

What’s this SEO you’ve been doing? I don’t know what that is and I for sure ain’t payin’ anybody to do it. Do some real work and check on inventory.

Most small business owners we have encountered do not yet recognize the value of SEO (search engine optimization).

With more and more people using Google and other search engines to locate their desired products and services, the better your site is optimized for both search engines and readers the higher potential for your return of investment.

Our primary focus of SEO writing is set on improving your website ranking. Additional website services include blogging, copywriting, email newsletters and general content creation and revision.

Creative Blog Content

Maintaining a blog is the most advantageous method for constantly embedding relevant keywords and phrases. This service is the perfect marriage to any and all SEO content development.

Well I just don’t see the point of a blog. Nobody reads it. How does it help anyway? If you ask me it’s just a waste of time and paying someone to do it is a waste of money!

That’s your writing you’re talking about. The words on your website represent your company/organization and are a huge part of defining your online identity.

If you do not value the words on your website then how can you expect the same from your customers?

Just making a blog and writing articles related to your company is not enough. One trick is getting readers to read it.

TCC opens a bag of tricks for creating a voice and look for your company blog that will bring readers back for more.

Social Media Campaigns

Effectively implementing a strategy for creating an online audience must involve social media and when you create creative content in a consistent way the benefits ensue.

Just throw some stuff up on the facebook page every once in a while if ya gotta. Don’t spend too much time on there. We don’t wanna waste payroll hours when you could be up front restocking the shelves.

create creative contentGreat plans for social media campaigns involve a bit of planning. Blindly releasing posts without any sort of tracking or categorizing is not be the best plan of action for acquiring more likes, followers, etc. Here at TCC we take into account your existing followers, review what you have been doing and make a concrete POA for getting more engagement.

Bright branding ideas for the future are in store with your connection to Taylor Content Creation. We are the new outsource for old brands, new brands and organizations ready to invest in an online future of glowing response. We create creative content.



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